Let the wand choose the wizard!  


This listing is for one wand.  


These deluxe artisan wands are handmade by me and ready to fly off to your home.  Each wand starts with a core of wood for strength and is then covered in clay, sculpted, and oven baked.  The wands are then hand painted to look like they have age and patina to them.  Each one is a unique work of art. You are welcome to mention your general likes and dislikes, or let the wand completely choose you.  Every wand comes with a tag stating the magical wand core. If you'd like a wand box it can be included for $5. Just choose that option from the drop down menu.

If you'd like to tell me a bit about the wand you think is best for you give me some information like, favorite color, natural, ornate, bling (or no bling), delicate, sturdy, etc.

If surprises aren't your thing, you can order a specific wand from one of my other listings.

THESE WANDS ARE NOT TOYS. Although they are surprisingly durable, dropping them from standing height onto a hard floor can chip off pieces of the details.  Consider this before purchasing for a child who might not take the best care of their wand.

Handcrafted Advanced Wizard Wand

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  • Handcrafted Deluxe Wizard Wand