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Sarah Hamilton


Hi there!

Hello.  I am the owner and artist here at Mad Dragon Studio.  I have a degree in Elementary Education and taught in Hillsborough County public schools before staying home to raise my children.  Seven years ago I decided to try selling a few wizard wands on Etsy and before I knew it a business was born.  I create everything from simple and inexpensive party favor wands to completely custom, one-of-a-kind wands for collectors.   And now, my business has expanded into all things magical and wonderful.  For example, my unicorn horn headbands were featured on a BuzzFeed list in October 2015. We opened our brick and mortar shop in 2016 where you can shop for a wand, crawl into the cupboard under the stairs, sip a butter beer, or buy a wizarding gift for the wizard lover in your life. 

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