Starting at just $25 per participant. (minimum of 6 participants required)

Base Price

For $25 per participant you receive one private hour in the Common Room where you will be sorted into houses, then participants go to wand-making class where they will create their own wand. After wand making, the students go to Divination class where their “fortune” is told through magically color changing soda.  After Divination class the students are sent back to the common room where you may serve your own food and drinks. You are responsible for serving the food you bring. You are also responsible for supplying paper products, ice, etc.  After eating you can spend the rest of your hour opening presents and relaxing in the common room.  After your hour is over the common room will be open to non party guests but you may continue to enjoy the shop and common room as long as you like. Please monitor children in the shop area as there are many expensive art objects for sale there.


Add Ons:

Make your party extra special with these extras!

Butter Beer:

Each student is presented an ice cold Butter Beer. Tastes like a cross between cream soda, butterscotch, and caramel.  (non-alcohlic) $2.50 per person

Potions class:

Head to the front porch and use your new wand for an “explosive” fizzing potion class. $7 per participant

Spell Casting Class:

In this class wizard students learn to use their wands to make a small plastic dragon appear inside an empty box using the “Accio” spell and wand movement. They may keep the little dragon they conjure up. $5 per participant

Extra Time:

Is one hour in the Common Room not enough? Reserve extra time to keep the muggles out. $50 per extra half hour.

Party Favor Bags:

Favor bags containing 1 pair Wizard glasses, 1 box of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, 1 fizzing bath potion, one dragon egg, and 1 small feather quill pen. $15 per bag

Reserve Your Date

Call (813) 528-6576 or email to see if we can accommodate your party.  

We require a $50 deposit to reserve your party.  The balance is due when you arrive for your party.

Please have your guests arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled party to be sure you get the full use of your time.

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